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Bears-49ers Preview, Bulls-Knicks Recap With John Jastremski, Blackhawks Organizational Failure With James Neveau

Plus, Jason explains why he believes why Sunday’s game should be a victory for the Bears

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Jason opens the show by previewing Sunday’s Bears-49ers matchup and explains why he believes this should be a victory for the Bears (0:10). The Bulls and Knicks turned the clock back to the ’90s, with the Bulls coming out on the losing end for the first time this season (7:30). John Jastremski of New York, New York joins the show for our first Ringer crossover to recap Bulls-Knicks (14:00). In the wake of Kyle Beach stepping forward as John Doe in the Blackhawks sexual abuse case, we visit with James Neveau (Madhouse Chicago Hockey Podcast) to explain how an institutional failure like this occurs (39:00).

Host: Jason Goff
Guests: John Jastremski and James Neveau
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Chris Tannehill

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