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Matt Nagy Is on the Hot Seat

Plus, talking Knicks ahead of the upcoming crossover event with ‘New York, New York’

Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jason opens the show by sharing a couple of former NFL players’ thoughts on what Matt Nagy is doing wrong and why he should be gone (0:10). Rob Schaefer (NBC Sports Chicago) shares his keys to the Bulls’ 4-0 start, and what concerns Bulls fans should have going forward (10:00). Matt Miller (ESPN/ tells us how he evaluates a rookie quarterback who may or may not be utilized properly. Matt has some ideas on how to give Justin Fields help as he navigates his way through his first NFL season (30:00). Our crossover with New York, New York is on the horizon, so we try to take you inside the mindset of Knicks fans (1:06:00).

Host: Jason Goff
Guests: Rob Schaefer and Matt Miller
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Chris Tannehill

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