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Another Rough Week for the Giants, the NLCS, and Over/Unders for the NBA Season

JJ recaps the Week 6 NFL slate before being joined by Justin Termine of SiriusXM to discuss the Knicks and Nets

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

JJ opens by discussing the Giants debacle and where they should go from here (00:57), and then listens to some frustrated Giants fans (9:27). Next, he recaps the Week 6 games before listening to some more voicemails (19:30). Then, he is joined by SiriusXM’s Justin Termine to preview the upcoming season for the Knicks and Nets and over/under totals for the season (47:17). Finally, he gives his season totals for the Knicks and Nets before highlighting the wild SNF matchup and Game 2 of the NLCS (67:05).

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Justin Termine
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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