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Which Running Backs Should You Pick? And Which Ones Should You Skip?

We discuss our nine running back tiers for the upcoming season

Carolina Panthers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

We talk through our running back tiers and point out the players we like the most, and the ones who should be relegated to the tier below.

Tier 1 (8:30)
Tier 2 (9:37)
Tier 3 (12:51)
Tier 4 (15:04)
Tier 5 (27:11)
Tier 6 (32:58)
Tier 7 (38:03)
Tier 8 (44:49)
Tier 9 (47:11)

Check out the Ringer Fantasy Football Guide for a closer look at our tiers, rankings, and more.

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