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Rebuilding in the NFL Should Take Two Years and the Wentz Market With Kevin Clark. Plus, ‘S.W.A.T.’ Star Jay Harrington.

Plus, why there could be a massive QB movement in 2021

S.W.A.T. Photo by Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images

Russillo shares his thoughts on the back-and-forth over whether Ben Simmons is available for a trade with the Rockets (3:30) before talking with The Ringer’s Kevin Clark about rebuilding in the NFL, why Kevin predicts a massive QB movement in 2021, the market for Carson Wentz, the Steelers’ and Saints’ recent struggles, believing in the Rams, reevaluating Cam Newton, and more (10:00). Then Ryen is joined by actor Jay Harrington to discuss his career, including Better Off Ted and S.W.A.T, the differences between comedy acting and drama, the challenges involved in shooting a show during the pandemic, and more (55:30). Finally, Ryen answers some listener-submitted Life Advice questions (1:36:00).

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