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‘Glow’ Is Canceled. Plus: ‘The Good Lord Bird,’ ‘The Boys,’ and Ryan and Musa From ‘Stadio’ on ‘All or Nothing.’

Chris and Andy discuss the news that Netflix is canceling ‘Glow,’ Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwonga join to talk about Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur,’ and more


Despite Glow being renewed for a fourth and final season, Netflix announced they are canceling the show (2:58). Ethan Hawke’s new project The Good Lord Bird is like a really good history lesson (13:24), and The Boys may have finally crossed the line on violence (37:16). Finally, Chris talks with Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwonga from Stadio podcast about the Amazon documentary series All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur (47:04).

Hosts: Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald
Guests: Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwonga

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