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Bill Simmons and Adam Rapoport on Meals From the Masters at Augusta National

And a run-in with a world-famous Georgia peach ice cream sandwich

Restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian Hosts SiriusXM's 'Food Talk' On Friday, October 13 At The Lambs Club In New York City Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The Ringer’s Joe House is joined by his longtime friend Bill Simmons and editor-in-chief at Bon Appetit Adam Rapoport from Augusta, Georgia, to discuss all of the food at concessions as well as some “Masters food hacks” to enhance the experience. Then Bill and Adam discuss food from Berckmans Place, the super-exclusive VIP room that House did not make it into, before tearing into the world-famous Georgia peach ice cream sandwich on air (sorry about that).

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