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Wild-Card Weekend Was, in Fact, Wild

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark recap the twists and turns of wild-card weekend

NFL: JAN 07 AFC Wild Card  Bills at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark recap wild-card weekend, including how the Titans were able to pull off that crazy comeback in Kansas City (01:00), why Matt Ryan was the best player on any team this weekend (13:00), and how defensive takeaways have become a necessity for the Jaguars to win (21:45). Then, the guys do some shopping on Nathan Peterman’s bizarre memorabilia website (29:00) and explain how Drew Brees is once again the focal point of the Saints’ offense (32:00). Plus, Danny Kelly joins the show with a Year in Review for last weekend’s losing teams (47:15), including which tough decisions the Rams will need to make to stay near the top of the NFC next season (53:45).

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