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Wild-Card Weekend May Not Be That Wild

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark get you set for the opening round of the NFL playoffs

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark get you set for the wild-card round, including explaining why the Titans must overperform on defense to have a shot in Kansas City (02:15), how the Rams can expose the flaws in the Falcons D (13:00), and why teal-colored hamburgers are a bad idea in Jacksonville (22:30). Then, the guys discuss the one thing the Panthers must do better than the Saints (35:15) and why the story about the drama among the biggest names in New England isn’t news to the Patriots (42:00). Plus, Danny Kelly joins the show with X factors for each wild-card matchup (48:30), including why there might actually be some hope for the Bills (51:00). Finally, the guys predict the winners of each game (59:15) and talk about the matchups for next week’s divisional round (01:01:30).

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