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The Patriots Fall Flat and the Chiefs Look Fun

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark analyze the surprising and exciting aspects of the Chiefs’ win over the Pats, and they pick what to watch for in the rest of the Week 1 games

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Ringer’s Robert Mays and Kevin Clark kick off their regular-season show by discussing the shocking Chiefs win over the Patriots (01:30) and why Kansas City will never be in perfect form again this season (05:00). Then the guys look at a possible NFC championship preview in Green Bay (09:30), how Dak Prescott’s true test is still to come (16:30), and why Aaron Donald should sit out the entire season (23:00). Also, Danny Kelly joins to explain why the numbers say Kirk Cousins may have a long day against an underrated Eagles defensive line (30:30). Finally, Robert and Kevin offer some story lines that will dominate NEXT week, including a warning for anyone who thinks the Patriots dynasty is ending (52:30).