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33 Preseason Questions — Don’t Sleep on Seattle, the Raiders Might Be Overrated, and the Saints Are Marching

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark continue their preseason discussions by touching on fantasy injuries, the Falcons, Derek Carr, and more

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Robert Mays and Kevin Clark continue answering 33 Preseason Questions leading up to opening night. They explore some preseason injuries that have more fantasy impact than Julian Edelman’s (04:00) and discuss whether the Falcons could be even better this year despite taking an offensive step back (14:00). Then, the guys consider whether the Seahawks defense is among the best of all-time (19:30), debate whether Derek Carr is a top-flight quarterback (24:30), and look at how the Cowboys have already fallen from NFC championship contention (28:30). Finally, Robert and Kevin imagine a major trade between the Patriots and Jets (34:15), and go over every NFL team that could win the Super Bowl this season (39:30).