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A Scary Reminder of How Dangerous This Sport Can Be

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark discuss what Ryan Shazier’s injury means for the NFL

Ryan Shazier being carted off the field after an injury Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark recap Week 13, including why the horrific injury to Ryan Shazier isn’t the worst thing that can happen in today’s NFL, and that’s a huge problem (01:30). Then, the guys discuss why this angry version of the Seahawks may be the most dangerous (10:00), how the Packers are now set up for Aaron Rodgers’s heroic return to help them steal a playoff spot (25:00), and why Jimmy Garoppolo looks like the future of the 49ers (32:15). Finally, Danny Kelly joins the show to explain how the Patriots defense has perfected bend-but-don’t-break over the past eight games (37:00), and the guys offer their lasting impressions from Week 13 (48:15).

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