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Everyone’s a Contender in 2017

Can the Patriots win the Super Bowl with the league’s worst defense?

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark wrap up Week 7 in the NFL by looking at how this bizarre season has made for the most possible contenders at this point in the year (3:55), why the Seahawks and Vikings are the only teams we actually know right now (11:20), and whether the Patriots can win a title with the worst defense in the league (25:20). Then 'Talk the Thrones' cohost Mallory Rubin joins to explain how Joe Flacco admitted that the Ravens are completely broken (39:00) and why the Steelers don’t need Martavis Bryant (49:10). Finally Robert and Kevin offer their lasting impressions from Week 7, including why the NFL needs to dial back the amount of football on television (56:30).

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