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The Brooklyn Fork Tour and Food Moments With Gail Simmons and Cousin Sal

Plus a special Food News with Juliet Litman, featuring tales of stolen Spam and fraudulent chicken

The Ringer's Joe House hosts a jam-packed episode this week as he sits down with Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the Against All Odds podcast to recount the infamous House Eats 3 and preview their Brooklyn Fork Tour of DeKalb Market Hall in New York (3:32). Then House connects with Juliet Litman for a classic Food News covering chicken fraud and Spam burglary (18:05). Finally House talks with Bravo superstar and Top Chef cohost Gail Simmons about her new cookbook, lessons learned from the show, some mouthwatering recipes, holiday food traditions, and a jaw-dropping Last Meal on Earth (43:20).