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This Blew Up

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Chapter 5: The Vegas Trip

As Clubhouse Media Group’s stock price continues to climb, the company takes a celebratory trip to Vegas. But what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there.

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Chapter 4: The Business

Amir Ben-Yohanan sets his sights on turning Clubhouse the content house into Clubhouse Media Group, a publicly traded company

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The Prospectors

At first, living in a luxurious content house is like a dream for Leslie Golden, Daisy Keech, and all their friends. But it doesn’t take long for this utopian arrangement to start showing some cracks.

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The Media Machine

The evolution of the content house, from Team 10 to TikTok

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The Glow-Up

The beginning of Leslie Golden’s wild story from pole dancer to social media influencer

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Introducing ‘This Blew Up’

In this six-part narrative podcast, tech and culture reporter Alyssa Bereznak explores how social media stardom is made and guides listeners through the peaks and valleys of L.A.’s influencer scene