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The Book of Wrestling

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Pillman 9 Millimeter

David Shoemaker speaks with Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard about all the shocking moments in Pillman’s career—and the legacy of reality bending he left behind

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‘The Gimmick Attorney’ Michael E. Dockins on Protecting Wrestlers’ Intellectual Property

David and Michael discuss WWE using replacement characters for Diesel and Razor Ramon after Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left for WCW, and whether or not he would have used those characters

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You Want a War?

David Shoemaker speaks with Glenn Jacobs, who played the role of fake Diesel before he became Kane, and attorney Michael Dockins, who gives the legal breakdown of the behind-the-scenes battle at the heart of the Monday Night Wars

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25 Catchphrases That Explain the Attitude Era, Chapter 2: Austin 3:16

David speaks with Michael P.S. Hayes about the infamous promo "Stone Cold" Steve Austin cut after defeating Jake "the Snake" Roberts at ‘King of the Ring’ 1996

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“25 Catchphrases That Explain the Attitude Era” Prologue: The Curtain Call

The Curtain Call was the unofficial kickoff of the Attitude Era, when four guys broke the unwritten rules of pro wrestling and changed the way we talk about the industry forever

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Introducing the Book of Wrestling

Based off Bill Simmons’s highly popular book and its theme, The Ringer’s new show looks to tell the stories behind those words and sounds that propelled wrestling to new heights