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Tatum Theories, Finals Unicorns, NBA Draft Buzz, and Worst GM Jobs With Ryen Russillo

Plus, debating if a losing player can win a Finals MVP and reacting to Draymond’s poor performances

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo as they discuss their NBA big board and who they have going in the top three (02:31). As people revisit Andre Iguodala winning the 2015 Finals MVP, Bill and Ryen debate if a losing player can win a Finals MVP (27:35). They also discuss Steph Curry’s nuclear shooting that lifted the Warriors to a Game 4 victory and if there is such a thing as a Finals unicorn (34:47). Next, they dive into Jayson Tatum’s Finals struggles (52:44). Is he really injured or is he simply showing his young age against an experienced veteran team? Draymond Green has been consistently bad in the Finals and Ryen presents a theory to why Green hasn’t been able to get it going (01:09:50). Lastly, they list which GM positions in the NBA are the worst and why (01:15:17).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guests: Ryen Russillo
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Jessie Lopez

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