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Saving the Rock, ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ and ‘SummerSlam’ 2018

Shea Serrano, Donnie Kwak, and David Shoemaker join the show

Bill Simmons calls up Shea Serrano to talk summer movies, including Upgrade, The Meg, and Mile 22, before trying to save Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson from making another big-budget flop (2:40). Then Bill is joined by The Ringer’s Donnie Kwak, who gives his take on Crazy Rich Asians and how to move the needle for Asian American cinema (30:28). Finally Bill calls up the Masked Man himself, David Shoemaker, and the two share their thoughts on WWE SummerSlam, Roman Reigns’s win, Braun Strowman’s trajectory, and more (49:15).

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