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Ethan Hawke on Acting With Wolves, Robin Williams, and ‘Reality Bites’

Plus: Sports gambling is legal!

Bill Simmons calls up Cousin Sal to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports gambling in America. They talk about why this is so important, wonder what form sports gambling will take at places like 7-Eleven, and speculate on who the first person involved with a sports gambling scandal will be (2:50). Then, Bill sits down with actor Ethan Hawke to talk about the pre-internet era, sports movies, working with Robin Williams and Denzel Washington, quitting smoking, falling in love on set, and Ethan’s new film, First Reformed, written and directed by Paul Schrader. Then Ethan talks about how he lost his Knicks tickets, the progressiveness of the NBA, and accepting LeBron’s greatness (23:05).

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