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Richard Jefferson Thinks Social Media Helps Make the NBA Special

The Cavaliers forward joins Bill Simmons to reflect on his early NBA career, Kyrie’s departure, and his podcast sensation

Richard Jefferson Getty Images

Bill Simmons is joined by Cleveland Cavaliers forward and NBA champion Richard Jefferson to discuss training with the Walton family (8:00), Tim Duncan as a teammate (15:00), Jason Kidd’s dominance (23:00), the 2002 Eastern Conference finals (28:00), Kyrie’s scoring ability (33:00), the missed opportunities in the 2017 Finals (38:00), the more offensive-minded NBA (44:00), the 2004 Olympic debacle (52:00), Kevin Love’s room to improve (58:00), social media in the NBA (1:03:00), and living in Cleveland post-championship (1:10:00).