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Miles Teller on Reviving Rom-Coms, Making Sports Movies, and Enjoying the Film Process

Bill talks baseball with BSMG president Eric Weinberger, and Miles Teller shares his thoughts on working in the movies and the problem with modern rom-coms

The Cinema Society Host A Screening Of DreamWorks And Universal Pictures' 'Thank You for Your Service' Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by BSMG president Eric Weinberger to discuss the Dodgers' World Series chances (6:00) and the best ballparks in baseball (14:00). Then, actor Miles Teller joins to give his thoughts on filming Whiplash (35:00), what's missing in modern rom-coms (44:00), and the best parts of being in the movie business (55:00).

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