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The Thunder’s Ceiling This Season, Plus Reassessing Which QBs Will Be Replaced This Offseason With Mike Sando

What does the future hold for the young, star-studded OKC Thunder?

Photo by Joshua Gateley/Getty Images

Ryen opens the pod with how good the Oklahoma City Thunder have been this season, after a victory over the Celtics on Tuesday night. What does the future hold for the young, star-studded franchise (00:41)? Mike Sando of The Athletic joins to detail the Russell Wilson-Sean Payton debacle in Denver, and which teams will be drafting QBs this offseason (22:15). Plus, Life Advice! The guys revisit the extortion story from yesterday, and one guy wants to sell some expensive shoes he was gifted (57:43)

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Host: Ryen Russillo
Guest: Mike Sando
Producers: Cliff Augustin, Steve Ceruti, and Kyle Crichton

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