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Off Guard With Austin Rivers

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Anthony Edwards on His All-Star Snub, Playoff Hopes, and Favorite Players to Go Against

The guys also discuss how Ant started as a football player before he found his passion in basketball

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Supreme Scorers, the Evolution of Rivalry Week, and Dissecting the Latest NBA Drama

Austin and Pausha also pay their respects to Kobe and Gigi Bryant, as well as the seven others who lost their lives three years ago

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Potential Playoff Runs and Dunk Contest Disruptions, Plus Mid-Season Awards

Austin and Pausha discuss how certain teams should handle their playoff aspirations when they’re in that middle ground of tanking or making a run

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Young Talent, Veteran Exposure, and How Highlight Culture Has Killed Basketball

Austin and Pausha wrap things up with a rapid-fire round of questions focusing on your favorite players