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Japanese Grand Prix Recap

Kevin breaks down the Japanese Grand Prix which resulted in Max Verstappen’s win

F1 Grand Prix of Japan Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images

Kevin is joined by TSN contributor and race car driver Tim Hauraney to break down the Japanese Grand Prix that resulted in Max Verstappen clinching his second F1 Championship. They begin by discussing all the confusion around Verstappen’s win in regards to rules and regulations (0:39), weigh in on Pierre Gasly’s incident with a recovery vehicle on the track (9:58), and touch on the weather conditions and driver performance throughout the race (13:05). Later, they wrap things up by discussing the point system, driver market updates, and what we can expect from the last four races of the season (27:47).

Host: Kevin Clark
Guest: Tim Hauraney
Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes

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