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Every Single Album: Adele

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Wrapping Up Our Adele Journey With Juliet Litman. Plus, a Song Auction!

Juliet joins to discuss her Adele fandom and Nathan and Nora try to build a perfect EP

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How Adele’s Insistence on Perfection Affected ‘25’

Nora and Nathan talk about the massive hit that was "Hello" and Adele’s infamous appearance on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ during this time period

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Adele Takes a Step Forward on ‘21’

Nora and Nathan break down Adele’s sophomore record

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Adele’s Origin Story and Her Debut Album, ‘19’

Nathan and Nora break down the British singer’s first record

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How Adele’s ‘30’ Affects Her Place in Pop

Nora and Nathan share their thoughts on Adele’s fourth album