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James writes about a variety of topics when he’s not too busy Photoshopping tiny hands onto Jared Goff.

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The Calming Catharsis of ‘PowerWash Simulator’

Exquisitely soothing aesthetics, a gentle learning curve, and deceptive depth make a game about cleaning off objects one of the best titles of 2022

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Why Tails Became the Ultimate Sidekick—and Star of Some of the Strangest Fanfic Around

The orange (or is it brown?) fox was created to play Luigi to Sonic the Hedgehog’s Mario. But as his run through our bracket has shown, he’s got a strong identity of his own, even if Sega doesn’t understand that.

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‘Half-Life’ Turns 20: The Enduring Legacy of Valve’s Revolutionary First-Person Shooter  

A video game that pioneered advancements in immersive storytelling evolved even further when its makers outsourced development of online modes to its fans

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‘Grim Fandango’ at 20: The Year the Grim Reaper Came for Adventure Games

Once upon a time, the adventure genre was a hallmark of video game culture. Slowly but surely, it began to fade. But not before the gloriously macabre ‘Grim Fandango’ came along.

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David and Goliath in the AL West and Boring All-Star Game Uniforms

The Ringer staff talks Mariners, Astros, and jersey designs

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Oh, God, Do We Really Have to Talk About José Mourinho Again?

Plus: Could Atlanta United make people care about MLS?