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Lukasz Fabiański: The Incredible GK Dynamic at Arsenal in 2007

West Ham goalkeeper Lukasz Fabiański joins to discuss his Premier League career

We’ve got Lukasz Fabianski on the Fozcast! Tom and Ben are joined by the West Ham goalkeeper, and he tells us everything from his incredible career so far. Lukasz has been a mainstay in the Premier League for over a decade, guarding the net for Arsenal and Swansea before joining West Ham in 2018. At the time of recording, he has 90 Premier League clean sheets to his name—just two behind Ben’s own record of 92!

Here’s what’s in store:

⚒️ His relationship with Areola at West Ham and transitioning to being a no. 2 goalie

The West Ham player who’s the best in the gym

The AWKWARD GK union when he joined Arsenal

⚽️ Who’s the better striker: van Persie or Lewandowski?

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