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Is This Jayson Tatum’s Best Celtics Team? Plus, Our Favorite Dunkers of All Time.

Reminiscing on some high flyers

Todd Korol/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Austin and Pausha kick off the show with their reactions to the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes’s greatness, and Usher’s halftime show (00:00). Then, they discuss whether this is the best Celtics team in the Jayson Tatum era (16:33), the importance of role players and good locker-room guys (34:52), and reminisce on their favorite dunkers like Vince Carter, Aaron Gordon, and Zion Williamson (49:00).

Hosts: Austin Rivers and Pausha Haghighi
Producers: Erika Cervantes, Ben Cruz, and Eduardo Ocampo
Photo Suggestions: Jayson Tatum, Vince Carter, Aaron Gordon

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