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Our Most Anticipated Video Games of 2024

Ben, Matt James, and Justin Charity share which upcoming games they’re the most hyped for, including ‘Star Wars Outlaws,’ ‘Hades II,’ and more


Get ready for a thrilling journey into the gaming future with the 2024 hype pod! Join Ben, Matt James, and Justin Charity as they dive into the most anticipated games of the year. Reflecting on the gaming greatness of 2023, they question whether 2024 will generate the same excitement (7:00). Then the trio delves into discussions about highly awaited sequels, originals, adaptations, and more, featuring titles such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Star Wars Outlaws, Hades II, and beyond (14:00). Later on, they share their hopes for unconfirmed games and systems (1:10:00).

Host: Ben Lindbergh
Guests: Justin Charity and Matt James
Producer: Devon Renaldo
Additional Production Supervision: Arjuna Ramgopal

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