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Tips for Aspiring Journalists! Plus, Jon Stewart, New Hampshire, and ‘Barbie’ Think Pieces With Chris Suellentrop.

There’s also talk of the expectations set for Nikki Haley, and more

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert...

On the Final Edition, Bryan is joined by his big brother in the media, The Washington Post’s Chris Suellentrop. After thousands of conversations, their first recorded discussion will address the following:

  • Advice you give to students who want to be in journalism (2:30)
  • Whether or not the New Hampshire primary is a semi-decisive moment (13:02)
  • The expectations set for Nikki Haley and how to interpret the results in real time (24:52)
  • Jon Stewart’s new show coming in February (36:27)
  • An inevitable “somebody’s got to say it” think piece on ‘Barbie’ (45:52)

Host: Bryan Curtis
Guest: Chris Suellentrop
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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