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Our Parasocial Relationships With Friendships in Pop Culture

Erika and Steven talk about how they decide what to keep private in their friendship before Katie Baker joins to discuss the ‘Las Culturistas’ podcast

XYZ Presents: Bowen Yang And Matt Rogers In Conversation With Betty Gilpin: Las Culturistas Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Erika and Steven dive into how we form one-sided attachments with friendships in pop culture, like with podcast hosts, celebrities, and other figures we interact with on a daily basis. The two then discuss how they decide what to reveal and what to keep private about their own friendship. Later, Erika is joined by The Ringer’s Katie Baker, who wrote the piece that inspired this episode, to talk about her relationship to the podcast Las Culturistas and the hosts’—Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang—friendship.

If you want to share the friendships in pop culture you have a parasocial relationship with, email us at

Hosts: Erika Ramirez and Steven Othello
Guest: Katie Baker
Producer: Sasha Ashall

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