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What’s Next for Jinder Mahal and HOOK After Their Big Title Matches?

David and Kaz also cover CM Punk, Oba Femi, and more in the world of wrestling


On the Thursday edition of The Masked Man Show, David and Kaz power through with the following discussions:

  • Who had a better showing, Jinder Mahal or HOOK (5:36r)?
  • Could Jinder Mahal defeat Gunther (22:22)?
  • Has the novelty of CM Punk worn off (25:22)?
  • Who is going to be heavyweight champion first, Oba Femi or HOOK (34:04)?

Congratulations to Kaz on winning a New York Sports Emmy Award!

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Hosts: David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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