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The Jinder Mahal–HOOK Debate, Plus AI Meets Pro Wrestling

Ben, Khal, and Brian discuss Tony Khan, HOOK, and Jinder Mahal. Plus Kurt Angle on the Attitude Era and Eric Bischoff believes AI can help with pro wrestling. Then, They Said What?! and All Elite Wrestling

Ben, Khal, and Brian kick off the show by giving flowers to R-Truth for his video production skills! Then they get into the following headlines:

  • Tony Khan says HOOK is a more logical challenger than Jinder Mahal (4:17)
  • Kurt Angle says CM Punk would have fared well in the Attitude Era (15:12)
  • Eric Bischoff believes AI can help with pro wrestling (23:25)

Then, in They Said What?!, they react to a couple of Van Lathan’s takes from his legendary guest appearance on The Masked Man Show 33:00). Last, they talk through last night’s NXT (57:33) and preview tonight’s AEW Dynamite (59:45).

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Hosts: Ben Cruz, Khal Davenport, and Brian H. Waters
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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