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Ben Wilson: That Devastating Playoff Loss and His Superstitions

Coventry City’s Ben Wilson joins to discuss goalkeeping, that Luton loss, and goalies’ Vaseline hack

Coventry City no. 1 Ben Wilson joined the lads at Fozcast HQ this week. Ben Wilson was a self-confessed late developer, establishing himself as a bona fide no. 1 for Coventry in their 2022-23 season. Ben started his career at Sunderland before multiple loans, learning and developing his goal-keeping skills! It was a fantastic but ultimately heartbreaking season for Ben and Coventry last season as they lost out on penalties to Luton in the championship playoff final.

This week’s highlights included:

  • Scoring a last-minute goal as a GOALKEEPER
  • How Vaseline is the new hack for goalies all over the world
  • Ben’s CRAZY pregame superstitions
  • His secret Coffee Club
  • Seeing a penalty psychologist
  • Building our perfect GK

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