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Will Teams Copy the Nuggets and Heat? Plus, Taylor Hendricks, Emoni Bates, and Draft Philosophies.

The guys also discuss prospects like Jaylen Brown who struggle with the ball

2023 NBA Draft Combine Portraits Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

KOC and J. Kyle Mann discuss what the NBA’s other 28 teams can learn from watching the Nuggets and Heat reach the Finals (01:35). They project forward with draft prospects like Jordan Miller from Miami (Fla.), debate UCLA’s Jamie Jaquez Jr.’s potential role in the NBA, and explain why they both are high on UCF’s Taylor Hendricks (12:01). After watching Jaylen Brown struggle with handling the ball against the Heat, the guys discuss similar prospects who struggle with the ball and whether they can succeed in the league without evolving that skill (32:50).

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Hosts: Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann
Associate Producer: Jessie Lopez
Additional Production Support: Ben Cruz

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