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Roman Reigns, the Greatest WrestleMania Match Ever, and Character Development in WWE

Ben, Khal, and Brian H. also celebrate the Rock’s birthday by discussing his signature beverages

Khal starts his role as referee between Ben and Brian as their favorite teams (Warriors and Lakers, respectively) square off in the NBA playoffs, and the team celebrates the Rock’s birthday with a discussion about his signature beverages. Then the guys get into the following:

  • The new creative writer for Bray Wyatt (4:57)
  • Trinity Fatu saying her WWE release was a blessing in disguise (12:22)
  • Triple H saying WWE is more focused on character development (21:30)

They also react to Stat Guy Greg’s tweet about Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes being one of the greatest WrestleMania matches ever (27:55). The WW crew closes the show with highlights from NXT (37:15) and a preview of tonight’s AEW Dynamite (41:10).

Hosts: Ben Cruz, Khal Davenport, and Brian H. Waters
Guest: Cornell Gunter
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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