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Boston Stays Alive … but for How Long? Plus, a Deep Dive Into LeBron’s Retirement Plan.

Can the Celtics’ adjustments keep carrying them forward? Is Miami on the verge of slowing down? What will LeBron James’s retirement look like (according to him)? And more.

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Justin, Rob, and Wos kick off the pod by discussing Boston’s extended season after winning Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals over Miami (02:58). They talk about the Celtics’ adjustments and whether its depth can carry them forward, if Miami is on the verge of slowing down, and Joe Mazzulla’s future. After, they discuss LeBron James’s retirement comments, whether the Lakers should go for another star or invest in their youth, and hypothetical trades for James (34:46).

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre
Producer: Eduardo Ocampo
Additional Production Support: Ben Cruz

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