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WWE ‘SmackDown’ Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley on the Judgment Day, Dom Mysterio, and Zelina Vega

Plus, Ripley talks about character development

In this very special edition of Cheap Heat Friday Something, WWE superstar Rhea Ripley joins Peter Rosenberg for a conversation about the following:

  • Her relationship with fellow WWE superstar Dom Mysterio (3:39)
  • The potential of the Judgment Day
  • Why—even in her personal life—most people call her Rhea
  • The crazy engagement numbers she pulls on TikTok (27:30)
  • The 26-year-old’s WWE Hall of Fame trajectory (31:10)

Plus, Ripley talks about Zelina Vega’s showing last weekend in Puerto Rico (14:23), character development, and more.

Host: Peter Rosenberg
Producer: Troy Farkas

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