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The ‘Cheap Heat’ Friday Something: Career Advice for Roman Reigns, the NBA Version of CM Punk, and the Global Superstar Debate

Rosenberg and SGG also discuss the new WWE Heavyweight Championship and more

WrestleMania 39 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On another episode of the world-renowned Friday Something, the maj ones Rosenberg and SGG discuss the following:

  • What defines a “global superstar” (6:40)
  • Why SGG disagrees with the rollout of the new WWE Heavyweight Championship (15:28)
  • SGG’s thoughts on CM Punk’s backstage appearance at Raw (30:39)
  • Why the Cheap Heat gang is confident they won the Ringer Wrestling draft (34:05)

And Rosenberg issues some career advice to Roman Reigns. Plus, the guys open the mailbag (45:34).

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Greg Hyde
Producer: Troy Farkas

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