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The New WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the Bad Bunny Takeover

Plus, who is the greatest combat sports athlete of all time?


On today’s episode, we get a full hour of Diperstein! Together, he and Rosenberg discuss:

  • Bad Bunny and why this is the biggest celebrity involvement we’ve ever seen in the history of pro wrestling (2:25)
  • What to make of CM Punk hanging out backstage at Raw (10:14)
  • Triple H’s announcement of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and why the guys are so excited about it (12:38)
  • What are we doing with Omos?
  • The latest AEW action and why it deserves your attention (38:02)

Plus, mailbag (49:45), Rosenberg’s poor tie etiquette, and Troy the Goy returns to talk about his love life (1:01:43).

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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