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Which Wrestler Is Worth $52 Million, Plus Ranking the Four Pillars of AEW

David and Kaz discuss CM Punk’s return to AEW, Seth Rollins’s role in WWE, Trish Stratus’s promo on ‘Monday Night Raw,’ and more


David and Kaz discuss CM Punk’s upcoming return to AEW and the investment being made to bring him back (5:37).

Later they discuss the following:

  • Seth Rollins’s role in WWE (33:00)
  • The list of injured WWE Superstars (37:00)
  • Trish Stratus’s promo on Monday Night Raw (42:50)

Later, Brian H. Waters joins in to discuss the Four Pillars of AEW (45:01) and Warlow becoming the TNT Champion (53:20), and they preview two title matches on Friday night’s SmackDown (76:30).

Hosts: David Shoemaker, Kazeem Famuyide, and Brian H. Waters
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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