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The ‘Cheap Heat’ Thursday Something: First-Class Flight Issues, the Take of the Censch, and Half a Diperstein

Plus, Rosenberg takes mailbag questions throughout the show—and does SGG love Peter more than Natalie does?

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From a crowded media room in Las Vegas, Rosenberg is here for a special Thursday episode of the Friday Something. Today, he talks about the hype for Saturday’s massive boxing fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia before bringing in Diperstein (6:12) to discuss non-wrestling things since Dip hasn’t watched any wrestling this week. Plus, Rosenberg takes some mailbag questions throughout and gets mad at his boss at The Ringer in the process. And does SGG love Peter more than Natalie does?

Stay maj.

Host: Peter Rosenberg
Producer: Troy Farkas

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