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Heel Trish Is Back and Speculating on CM Punk’s Return

Plus, debating what’s next with tag titles and reacting to record ‘SummerSlam’ numbers

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With Dip busy agenting and agenting, Rosenberg and SGG are here to discuss the following on today’s episode:

  • Reports of CM Punk’s looming return to AEW and what that could look like following his scorched-earth press conference last year (8:05)
  • Record-breaking sales for this year’s SummerSlam (17:35)
  • Announced matches for this year’s Backlash (21:50)
  • Why SGG is out on high-fructose corn syrup (24:08)
  • Why Rosenberg doesn’t like what happened with Trish last night (30:42)

Plus, thoughts on Succession, mailbag (53:28), and Rosenberg’s engagement is on the rocks (2:15).

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Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Greg Hyde
Producer: Troy Farkas

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