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Sting’s Role in AEW Vs. WWE, Middle Riddle’s Return, and Troy’s a Real Heel

Plus mailbag questions on Tim White and King Kong Bundy breaking kayfabe

Rosenberg is joined by super producer Brian H. Waters, who fills in for Troy. They respond to a few mailbag questions regarding the ballad from last Friday.

They also discuss:

  • Jeff Hardy’s return at AEW Returns (2:42)
  • Sting’s current role in AEW versus what he did in WWE (3:47)
  • The strengths of AEW’s women’s division (6:30)
  • Matt Riddle’s issue with Solo Sikoah (9:30)

He closes the show with mailbag questions about Troy’s heel promo from last week (14:26), the real name for “quarter waters” (18:17), Tim White and King Kong Bundy breaking kayfabe (24:06), and Stat Guy Greg’s Roman Reigns take on Wednesday Worldwide (26:16).

Host: Peter Rosenberg
Producer: Brian H. Waters