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NBA Round 1 Predictions and Play-in Best Bets With Bill Simmons

Plus, Raheem reveals tonight’s pick for The Hundred

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors Photo by Andrew Lahodynskyj/Getty Images

The East Coast Bias Boys are joined by The Ringer’s Bill Simmons to preview the first round of the NBA playoffs. They start with JJ’s beloved Knicks and explain why the series is priced the way it is (2:00). Then, they pick the series they think will go the longest (9:00) and Bill shares why Sacramento’s home-court advantage may work against them in Game 1 (18:00). Finally, Raheem reveals tonight’s pick for The Hundred (25:00) and they give out their best bets for the weekend (37:00).

Hosts: John Jastremski, Joe House, and Raheem Palmer
Guest: Bill Simmons
Producer: Mike Wargon
Additional Production Supervision: Steve Ceruti

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