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NPR’s David Folkenflik on Rupert Murdoch and the Fox News–Dominion Case

David Folkenflik joins to talk the defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion against Fox News

Protesters Gather Outside Fox News Studios To Call Out Channel’s Silence On The Dominion Lawsuit Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Bryan is joined by NPR’s David Folkenflik to discuss NPR’s decision to quit Twitter (1:30) before he then provides an expert briefing on the Fox News defamation lawsuit (6:19). They begin by breaking down what happened back in 2020 that led Fox into court, dive into the details of the case provided in emails and texts from Fox reporters, executives, and Rupert Murdoch himself, and then discuss the cost of the lawsuit for Fox and, potentially, the work of journalists.

Host: Bryan Curtis
Guest: David Folkenflik
Producer: Erika Cervantes

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