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The Truth Behind Europe’s Quarterfinals

Jack Collins joins to talk the future of European football, Serie A, the current direction of Bayern Munich, and more

Manchester City - Bayern Munich - final training in Munich Photo by Ulrich Gamel/Kolbert-Press/picture alliance via Getty Images

James Allcott sits down with European football expert Jack Collins to traverse the landscape of European football and to investigate what the future holds for the big dogs across the continent. The pair also discuss why Serie A may become a new powerhouse in the game as they look to regain their ’90s status. They also hop over to Italy for a Bayern Munich deep dive as they analyse the current direction of the Bavarian club. And of course, Real Madrid’s Champions League tie against Chelsea.

Host: James Allcott
Guest: Jack Collins
Producer: Cai Jones
Editor: Finn McSkimming
Additional Production: Jonathan Fisher

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