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Should We Believe in the Philadelphia 76ers? With Michael Pina

Examining Embiid, gut-checking Harden, and comparing this team to past editions

Philadelphia 76ers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Seerat is joined by The Ringer’s own Michael Pina to discuss the state of the Philadelphia 76ers heading into the playoffs. They begin by examining Joel Embiid’s recent performances, the adjustments he’s made within his game throughout the season, and the possible effects of his incredible usage rate. Then they debate whether or not they believe in James Harden’s playmaking abilities and his compatibility with Embiid’s skill set (21:03). Next, they look at past iterations of the team that fell just short of expectations and compare them with the current rotation (35:51). They end the pod by speculating on the future of the 76ers if they get bounced too early in the playoffs (50:41).

Host: Seerat Sohi
Guest: Michael Pina
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton
Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz and Conor Nevins