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CR7: Football’s Wrecking Ball | The Cristiano Ronaldo Effect

James and Joe Thomlinson discuss the move to Arsenal that never was, how CR7’s move to Real Madrid harmed Karim Benzema, and what Ronaldo’s legacy looks like now

Luxembourg v Portugal: Group J - UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Round Photo by Will Palmer/Sportsphoto/Allstar via Getty Images

There are endless possibilities and ripples when we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo’s career. In this episode, James Allcott and Joe Thomlinson discuss one of the most unique, exciting, and successful footballing careers in the history of the game. But it could have been oh so different. The pair discuss the move to Arsenal that never was, his move to Real Madrid and why this harmed Karim Benzema, and what his legacy looks like now after his move to Al-Nassr.

Host: James Allcott
Guest: Joe Thomlinson
Producer: Cai Jones
Editor: Finn McSkimming
Additional Production: Jonathan Fisher

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