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Raquel Rodriguez on Her First WrestleMania

Plus, Braun Strowman on his WrestleMania return

The Ringer

David, Kaz, and SGG welcome Raquel Rodriguez and Braun Strowman to The Masked Man Show.

Raquel discusses the following:

Her first WrestleMania (4:17)
Reflecting on this time last year (9:16)
WWE going to Puerto Rico next month (15:04)

Then, Braun Strowman discusses the following:

His love for peanut butter (17:00)
How he’s managed his mental health for the better (18:44)
Teaming with Ricochet (23:00)
Sitting on Cody Rhodes’s shoulders (25:37)

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Hosts: David Shoemaker, Kazeem Famuyide, and Stat Guy Greg
Guest: Rodriguez and Braun Strowman
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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